Who we are


Nautilus Galactic Concern is a young, private military organisation that seeks to establish its place in the universe. We are building the foundations of a team-oriented crew to execute missions, both inside UEE and outside of UEE space. While our mandate focuses on combat-oriented operations, we designed our organisational around combined operations and sustainability which allows us to hire for a wide variety of responsibilities. Therefore, we also have a need for new crew members in our logistics and science & engineering departments.



Nautilus Galactic can provide a wide variety of combat service and combat support services. Whether you require a full carrier battle group to back your operation, a fighter escort for your convoy, or crew hands to strengthen a fleet in need, we can help you fulfil your needs.

While many of our competitors will focus purely on defence and security, we are happy to execute any aggressive undertakings just the same. We are willing and able to assist with extractions, active interference, repossession or the settling of disputes. However, please be aware that our organisation does respect and acknowledge UEE laws and will not accept contracts that violate any of them within UEE borders.

Additionally, we offer support services, such as logistics and repair services in the field as well as the transportation of valuable goods, personnel, or data. We also offer training in many different areas including boarding simulations for capital ships.

If you are interested in any Nautilus Galactic’s services, feel free to reach out and get in contact with our legal department. All client matters will be handled with confidentiality regardless of whether or not a contract is signed.