Naval Operations


Nautilus Galactic is looking for all manners of crewmen to operate our capital ships. If your dream is to travel the stars onboard a mighty warship, our organisation is right for you! Whether you’re swinging a wrench, plotting the course, or a member of the command crew, we have you covered. We are also looking for a chef.

Fighter Piloting


Whether you are a new pilot starting a career, or a flying ace, Nautilus Galactic is always looking for pilots that love their trade. No ship required to start - pilots may choose to fly their fighter or borrow one from our organisation’s hangar.

Marine Corps


Do you see yourself storming a hostile installation alongside your squad with the roaring thunder of a Redeemer’s cannons supporting you and your brothers from overhead? Do you get excited by saving a hostage, extracting in a Vanguard Hoplite, and watching everything explode behind you on the way out? So do we.